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Posted by Edmund on June 20th, 2011 in Super Meat Boy!

Indie Game: The Movie became fully funded (35k) in the 1st 24 hours of its kickstart release! it pleases me greatly that so many people want to see this movie, it makes tommy and i looking like crazy people on camera worth it :).

You can still donate to preorder the digital and physical editions of the movie for another 30 days though. thanks for the support!

Holy god.. that trailer makes me relive so many horrible memories.. yet is just so awesome.

For those of you who dont know, Tommy and i were both documented by a tiny 2 person team called Blink Works on and off for about a year during the middle-end of development of Super Meat Boy. We met them at GDC the year we lost at the IGF.. they approached us after the loss and told us they were thinking about doing a short documentary about indie games. They had been talking to many indie devs and wanted to do something that could show the world the life of an indie game designer, we agreed and they followed us back to santa cruz. For the next 9+ months of development our lives were peppered with their cameras and almost sickeningly kind and gentle nature (they are Canadian).

It was inspiring to have them around through development, i felt like there were so many parallels to our projects and it was just awesome to have a few new friends to help share in the highs and (very low) lows of the super meat boy journey.

Now i cant tell you much about the whole film because i haven't seen it yet, but i believe it focuses on the development of the games shown in the trailer and possibly another, as you can see, shit gets real many times (most notably our xbla launch).

Blink Works hopes to launch the movie in the fall, and even do a small tour around the US and Canada screening the film.. but to do this they need your help! The Indie Game: The Movie team is asking for a bit of a kick start to help finish up and take the film on tour, so if you appreciate SMB, FEZ, Braid, indie games or games in general, please throw them a few bucks (if you donate $15 you get a digital copy! $35 gets you the physical edition!).

Get all the info on the both editions and more HERE

Anyway, please share this trailer and spread the word.

cant wait to do commentary with Tommy on the special edition! :)
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