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Status update 2, Code complete!

Posted by Edmund on August 16th, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!

So im writing this status update while i export the games final cut scene, which takes about 15 min due to its size.

Im please to announce that after 15 consecutive 14 hour days, we have successfully passed Alpha, and the game is now code complete.

Next step is content complete, meaning all content (bosses, music, levels, cut scenes, characters, etc) are in place and ready to be heavily tested and polished. We hope to hit content complete in the next week, this will of course mean the continuation of this hellish schedule we have bee going through.

Sleep is for pussies.

Here's a quick shot of the final world map showing chapter 1, along with a mini map giving you an idea of what's to come. A ton has been added to the game since march, and there's a lot we have kept very tight lipped about so the surprise isn't ruined. I doubt even the biggest meat boy fan has any idea what's in store for them. (those lines are "safe zones" its to make sure important info doesn't get cut off on your tv)


If all goes well we should have a release date to announce by Pax, were we will also be demoing the 1st 3 chapters in their final forms.

Those of you in need of more moment to moment info can follow us on twitter!

Wish us luck!

PS: those of you confused by the Steam announcement, the Steam version will come out one month after the Xbla version, and yes it will include achievements.

oh also this stuff. interview with Team Meat!

10 Questions with Team Meat!
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