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It's Official!

Posted by Edmund on August 31st, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!


Super Meat Boy will release on Xbla as the "main course" of The Game Feast, a new promotion MS is doing this October. (because "fall of arcade" just sounds wrong)

Super Meat Boy officially hits Xbox Live on the 20th of October.

Mark your calendar.
Bring a bib.

-Team Meat


Its amazing to finally be able to announce this, the game is currently going through rigorous tests and coming out more shiny and fine tuned then we had ever expected.

Those of you assuming this was our secret announcement are only half right. The real big unveil will be a feature we have been keeping very tight lipped about that is sure to win over even the most jaded internet trolls (*hint hint*).

Ok well back to work, thanks for all the support and please...
Spread the word!

PS: please hold your "whens it coming out on X" questions. we will clear all this up very soon.

UPDATE: A few blogs have posted SMB price at TBA this was an error. As many have assumed, like the other games in the feast, SMB will launch on Xbla for 1200 MS points. I believe the confusion was because our ESRB is still TBA, we should know our ESRB rating in about a week.. i have no clue what it will be, could be E10, T+ or M.... just depends on who reviews the game and rates it.
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