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Character roster update!

Posted by Edmund on September 18th, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!

Yeah so it's confirmed!
Spelunky will be a playable character in Super Meat Boy!

We didn't intend on announcing this one, but someone unlocked him at PAX and the word got around.

I haven't had time to write another design article about exploration and characters so i decided to do a cliff notes version of the abilities of all confirmed characters so far.



Support Characters:
These characters unlocked early in the game will aid the player by giving them more fine tuned controls in different areas making some aspects of the game easier with some experimentation.

Gish (from Gish)
Unlocked with 10 bandages
Ability: Gish can stick to walls and ceilings by pressing and holding A (run).
Downside: Gish auto runs so he has less speed control than other characters, he also is a tad on the slow side.

Gish has the best wall control of any character in the game. His ability to stick fast to any wall or ceiling makes him ideal for pin point wall jumps, avoiding timed hazards and breaking through unstable walls.

CommanderVideo (from Bit.Trip)
Unlocked through a warp zone
Ability: The Commander has the ability to float for a limited time, he can stop his fall in mid air too.
Downside: CommanderVideo is the slowest character in the game.

CommanderVideo has the best in air control of all characters. His ability to float enables the player to stop in mid air and correct their jump and landing. He also has the ability to stop in mid air after falling making him an ideal character for beginners.

Alien Hominid (from Alien Hominid)
Unlocked with 30 bandages
Ability: Alien Hominid can shoot downwards (by pressing A) boosting his vertical jumps and also slowing his fall.
Downside: Alien Hominid is a tad on the slow side and using his ability takes a bit more effort then others.

If timed perfectly Alien Hominid has the highest vertical jump of all characters in the game. his downward shoot ability can boost him higher into the air enabling him to reach some areas other characters cant normally. rapidly shooting can also slow the Aliens fall speed making him ideal for areas where you need to drop down in to hazardous places.

Exploit Characters: Exploit characters are ones you will find a bit later in the game that feature abilities that let the player access areas that were inaccessible early in the game.

Ogmo (from Jumper)
Unlocked through a warp zone
Ability: Ogmo has the ability to double jump.
Downside: Ogmo has average speed, but his wall jumping is quite short and slow if a double jump isnt used while climbing.

Ogmo is the first character you will find with an exploit ability, double jump. Ogmo's double jump will let the player reach areas that all characters before couldn't, enabling them to acquire bandages, warp zones and short cuts that Meat Boy couldn't access earlier in the game. With every upside there's a down side and with Ogmo wall jumping takes a lot more effort and time then any other character.

Tim (from braid)
Unlocked with 50 bandages
Ability: Rewind time 3 seconds.
Downside: Tim is quite average. Tim can not rewind from death.

Tims ability to rewind time is by far the most odd ability of any character on the roster. Rewinding time works similar to how it does in Braid, but the catch is, time only rewinds for Tim and not for anything else. While time is rewinding he becomes invincible, another great exploit that allows for some interesting maneuvers against missiles, demons and other character attracting hazards. Thinking outside the box with tim can make for some very interesting findings, he's also the king of bandage getting.

Flywrench (from flywrench)
Unlocked through a warp zone
Ability: Triple Jump and wall slither.
Downside: Very heavy, Very unruly.

Flywrench is one of the most powerful and one of the last characters you unlock through a warp. His ability to fly for a limited number of flaps (3 jumps) enables him to reach a lot of areas with ease. his second ability the "wall slither" allows Flywrench to stick to a wall and slide up it without jumping outwards, this ability is a bit of a double edged sword though because it makes jumping away from walls a lot more difficult. Flywrench is one of those characters that if you can get used to his very odd controls, wall slither and the fact that he falls like a rock you will be destroying levels no problem.

Spelunky (from Spelunky)
Unlocked with 70 bandages
Ability: Explosive jump.
Downside: Explosive jump.

Spelunky is awesome, pressing jump again in mid air will cause a bomb he's holding to blow up sending him flying in the direction he's facing at neck breaking speed, pressing jump again will cause spelunky to shoot downwards. Once the player has "exploded" there's no going back, you have no control over him till he hits a the wall, the ground or most likely a large saw. That said, his explosive jumps can be perfect for getting into those hard to reach places, speed runs and simply showing off.


So there are 7 of the 15 unlockable characters found in Super Meat Boy, i think we are going to hold off a bit on announcing anymore till the game releases but we should be putting up some videos of them in action in the coming weeks.

there have been questions about who's exclusive to what console, and what other characters will be playable in what version. Now, nothing is set in stone so we cant really announce who will be exclusive to the wii and pc just yet, but i can say that ALL characters found in warp zones will be featured in ALL versions of the game (each one has their own intro cut scene, woo!)

Till next time!
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