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You Must Watch This!

So this fucking awesome Super Meat Boy commercial was made by the amazing James Id, same guy who made our first teaser trailer long long ago.

Like the trailer above the commercial is a early 90s inspired video game commercial, rendered out in vhs format for that extra bit of nostalgia. The announcer voice in the video was done by the amazing Wiggly of (hes also the announcer voice in game as well).

Special thanks to Gabrielle Martinez for her very old school video game playing acting and Danny B for his amazing music medley.





RT @EdmundMcMillenn: Todays Binding of isaac: Rebirth update is live! i present you with an Everlasting Hymn!  16 days ago
RT @EdmundMcMillenn: this weeks post celebrates us taking preorders for the full rebirth soundtrack by @PlanetRidicu…  16 days ago
we are please to announce they will also be taking the musical reins with super meat boy forever! check em out <3  16 days ago
those that dont know, @PlanetRidiculon (the same guys that are doing the mewgenics soundtrack) did the full 30+ track soundtrack to rebirth  16 days ago
even though Isaac isnt a Team Meat game.. we still must give a nod to the amazing rebirth soundtrack  16 days ago
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