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No SMB 2!

Posted by Edmund on October 30th, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!

So, there have been a lot of news sites picking up on something we talked about in an interview recently,about there being no plans for a Super Meat Boy sequel, so
I'd like to attempt to address why.


Both tommy and i have talked it over many times and agree strongly that sequels tend to tarnish the original. Now there are always exceptions to this, mario for example, zelda and so on. but when you really think about it amazing games like, Tomb Raider, Mario Party, Tony Hawk and dare i say... Mega Man in a lot of ways have taken away from the original experience intended and muddied the memory of how great these games originally were.

I could go on and on about why making a sequel to Super Meat Boy isnt a good idea, but ill try to lock it into a small list.

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- It's bad to over explain and over develop characters like the ones in super meat boy.
It seems like a weird thing to say, but there is more wealth in mystery then there is fully revealing and explaining things that are fictional, this is the reason why there isnt nor ever will be any back story to how meat boy or dr fetus came to be. Explaining orgins, furthering a story that has a clear ending and revealing more to the characters personality will actually ruin the experience for a lot of people, much like movies tend to ruin books.

Where did meat boy and Dr.fetus come from? what happened after the ending of the game? and whats up with the very end in the dark world?

these are all questions the player gets to answer for himself, it helps the player become invested in the story because it has an air of mystery they get to think about and add to themselves, furthering this will destroy this whole idea.

- We feel like we did it right the 1st time.
Currently there isnt anything id change at all about SMB, and if i even start to think about the idea of a sequel right away i know theres no way we could do another without doing the same stuff. We fully explored all the possibilities of the game.

- The book is left open.
The whole reason we made the internets for xbla and are making an editor and level viewer for the pc version was to be able to expand on the game without making a new game. This of course seems dumb to business minded folk because it means we arnt charging for tons of bonus content, but the majority of this content will be made by the user, and lets face it, Super Meat Boy isnt ours anymore, it's owned by the fans. it only seems right to give them the ability to control the content that goes into its expansion.

- it would mean we are just doing it for money.
If we made another SMB, its obvious that it would purely be to cash in on the success of the 1st game. Again this is probably something business minded people will call us idiots for, but we're mainly in this to make great games, and if a sequel wouldn't be great (and it wouldn't) then there's no point in making it.

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Now to add some hope to this post to fans who love the characters, just because we say there wont be any sequels to super meat boy.. doesn't mean youll never see the characters again. if we come up with a new design that works with them and is awesome we would be more then happy to possibly revisit someone like Dr.Fetus in the future, but it wouldn't be a platformer.. and it for sure wont be our next game.

Hope this made sense :)

thanks again everyone for spreading the word, this week has been awesome.


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