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Super Sexy Swinging Update

Posted by Tommy on December 10th, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!

Hey everyone,

So, admittedly, our Steam launch was a little rough. Developing on PC is tough, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I have 8 testing computers in my house ranging from an Integrated Intel Graphics slow netbook, to a quad core monster and they all run the game fine...the netbook even boasts 60FPS on several levels and is fully playable. It's frustrating that I can't replicate the majority of bugs people have, but I do what I can. Anyway, I just want to thank you all for baring with me as we get through these bugs. Sending in Save Games, system specs, screenshots, etc...they are all very helpful. I apologize for all the bugs and I know they are frustrating. As frustrating as they are to you, they are more frustrating to me, and here's the proof:


This keyboard used to have all its keys, it is my mac's keyboard...and my mac is my whipping boy. It's been known to get smacked in frustration, or violently pushed off the desk, or thrown full force at a wall....this is why I can't have nice things.... (most of the keys that are left are there because I found them after recently cleaning the apartment).

ANYWAYS, I wanted to go over some recent updates, offer some how tos and explanations.

Custom Controls:
You can now customize the controls of Meatboy himself. This customization only applies to Meat Boy since it's the most important aspect of the game. There is a file in the install directory called "buttonmap.cfg" (It was buttoMmap.cfg when I first uploaded it...I was quite tired). So it works like this. There are two sections in the file, keyboard and gamepad. You can set the movement, jump, and special / run keys to anything you like (within reason) through this file. So you lefties that wanted WASD, here you go. The config file is case sensitive, so just make sure its all lower case. Some buttons that do not have alphanumeric represtation have special names like:

Enter: return
Left Shift: shift
Right Shift: rshift
Space: space
Left Control: control
Right Control: rcontrol

You can only bind an action to one key.

For Joysticks you can customize the jump and special / run buttons by putting in the button number. For instance, the default is set to 1 and 3, which correspond to A and X on the Xbox 360 gamepad. 1 and 3 correspond to the equivalent of B and Y on Logitech controllers. To look up the button numbers for a gamepad (if they aren't written on the buttons) just go to Control Panel and look at the Game Pad properties.

There is another option called useanalog. This is set to true by default. This property allows the game to use the joystick as the dpad. If you are experiencing weirdness, set this to false and it will disable it.

Note: These controls only affect Meat Boy, Menu's are hard coded with controls.

Crashes and Slowdown:

I've worked non-stop this week trying to address all of our support emails, if I didn't answer you it was because I was working on your problem and haven't had a chance to respond. I do read all emails though and respond to as many as possible. Anyway, a few known fixes for stuff.

This should be fixed now, but some users were experiencing EXTREMELY slow load times when running full screen. I did find where this could be happening and did fix it on the one computer we could replicate it on. If the problem persists, you can force -windowed at the command line and you should no longer have the problem.

For slowdown in general, we've had some reports of conflicting programs. My sisters laptop, which is nicer than my netbook, still runs the game slower than my netbook due to all of the anti-virus and other crap she has running. We had one instance today where someone's gamma correction program that sets the gamma every so many seconds was causing the game to stutter, disabling that program caused his game to run fine. So yea basic stuff like that will help.

Crashes on startup seem to be rare now, but a few people are reporting that the game is trying to force a refresh rate that it cannot handle. If this happens, force windowed mode with -windowed.

We've had one or two instances of computers crashing during gameplay with a seemingly impossible error message. I'm collecting system specs for this error in order to try to diagnose it. The error is basically referencing D3DVertexBuffer.cpp. If this happens, PLEASE, email me your specs, operating system, EVERYTHING. You can't possibly give me too much information on this error. It seems to be very rare, I've had one report on a system below required specs, and one report on a computer with better specs than my dev machine.

So yea, those are the important things. Here's a list of stuff fixed:

-Achievements now award on load insuring that you do not lose achievements for not being online or other reasons
-Flywrench was overwriting Jill's warps and vice versa. This is fixed now.
-We added DarkWorld Ironman achievements. We've tested them all and they do work, do remember that you need to beat darkworld levels without beating any warp or light world levels to get them.
-Leaderboard were not working properly, not showing correct rankings, not showing friends scores, not showing your scores, etc. We fixed this a few updates ago.
-We locked Mr. Minecraft out of saving, uploading to leaderboards, and getting achievements. He's god.

Update for 12/10

This update has not dropped yet, it contains three fixes and attempted error trapping for the Render setup to track down more errors. It should be up at some point today:

-Added keyboard controls for the replays menu
-Fixed a bug where Meat Ninja disappeared when a game was reloaded with him unlocked
-Fixed a bug where percentages would add up to 107%...the max is 106%.

There are other one offs and crash fixes we implemented. I'm fading right now...watching Teen Wolf...and for some reason craving a hard boiled egg...and I hate hard boiled I'm gunna go now.

You guys are all great, thank you again for being patient with us. You're all awesome. Oh, by the way, we will be adding Steam Cloud support in the future.


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