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SMB Editor and Portal details!

Posted by Edmund on December 23rd, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!


The Next content update for super meat boy (coming in mid jan) will come with a new executable stand alone file containing the following.

A fully supported Super Meat Boy level editor.

- Players will be able to create anything they have seen level wise ingame (minus bosses)

- Players will be able to lock levels so they are only playable with specific characters.

- When a player completes his level (validating its possible to beat) he will gain the option to upload it to the level portal.


An online level Portal.

- Players will have the ability to sort and play user made levels by date, difficulty and over all fun.

- Difficulty is internally calculated by the number of times users die before completing the level.

- Over all fun is calculated by users voting 1-5 stars on level completion.


This update will also include the addition of "Super Meat World" a chapter that will unlock with 20 bandages and appear on the over world map before the 1st chapter of the main game.

- Super Meat World will act as a Hub for full chapters hand picked by Team Meat.

- All chapters uploaded to Xbla after this update will be featured here.

- Select chapters will also be uploaded to Xblas "internets" chapter as well.

- Many selected chapters will be character specific and created by designers like Matt Thorson (jumper / give up robot), Gaijin Games (bit.trip series), Michael "Kayin" O'Reilly (I wanna be the guy) and many more.

But! by far the coolest aspect of Super Meat World is your ability to "Enter the Unknown".

Enter the unknown is a Pc specific feature that grabs random user made levels from the level portal and arranges them in order of difficulty.

- When Players enter the unknown they will choose what difficulty they want to play.

- The unknown will only feature levels ranked 3+ on over all fun factor.

- Every time you play will be a totally new set of levels, endless content.

Many of you know there will never be a sequel to Super Meat Boy, so it was important to close the book in a way that let the fans take over where we left off, giving them complete control over what people play and how super meat boy lives on.

All of this content will be 100% free.



Now for some twitter Q and A!

Q: How does music work in the editor ?

A: The music that plays in single levels will depend on the tile set you use. you will be able to choose the track when you make a full chapter.

Q: Can players create their own warp zones?
A: Players wont be able to place warp zones in levels, but we will let players make 3 level chapters.

Q: will players be able to create custom characters?
A: No.

Can players place bandages in levels?
A: Yes, but they wont effect character unlocks in the main game.

Q: Can players make dark world versions of levels?
A: Yes, but they will have to be another chapter. chapter uploads go in packs of 20 total, so you could upload a chapter called Forest with 20 levels. then make a set of 20 dark levels and name them Forest Dark. but you wont be able to make dark world variations the same way we have them in game.

Q: Will you guys be updating the editor over time?
A: Yes, we will adding new functionality, features and edits over time.

Q: Will Team Meat also make levels for the editor?
A: Yes, Tommy and i will both make a chapter or 2 for the portal :)

Q: Will the editor come out for xbla?
A: No, we cant legally put a level editor on xbla without some kind of content control team and personal servers. BUT, we will be uploading all compatible user made level packs that we deem "awesome" to xbla's internets.

A: Way to hijack a post about the level editor.. anyway. The title udate for xbla is finished and going through the approval proses, it takes a bit longer then a pc patch so please be patient. New chapters will release once the title update is released.

A: Jesus... if you want to play as the Goo Ball from World of Goo on Steam simply type in ballgoo at the character select.
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