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Issue 2.5 now in stock!

Posted by Edmund on September 27th, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!

Issue 2.5 is finally in stock in the Super Meat Boy store!


Issue 2.5 was a pax 2010 exclusive comic that was given out on the 1st day of the show. The comic is essentially an updated version of issue 2 + 8 new pages and cover.

Each comic comes signed by us and also comes with a super awesome SMB sticker!.

Supply's are limited!

Speaking of limited SMB merch, the tshirts in the shop are also very low. we only have L's and a few XL's left. I hope to reprint the old Dr.Fetus shirt on black closer to the pc release but wont have time till then.

Those of you looking for a hand out can follow us on twitter, every Friday we hold a contest where 5 people win free comics. We will also be giving out free copies of the game via twitter once it comes out on the 20th of Oct!




Teh Internets!

Posted by Tommy on September 22nd, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!

So, earlier today, our good friend over at MTV, Russ Frushtick, downloaded SMB off partnernet and gave it a whirl. He was playing through, collecting bandaids, and suddenly he was presented with a message that said: “You have Unlocked Teh Internets”. Puzzled, alarmed and probably sitting in a pool of his own excitement induced urine, Russ tried it out and became suspicious to the point of saying out loud “Wait….are they….wait…holy shit they are!!!!”. We gave him a few quotes and some information which can be seen here, but we want to go into some detail now about this mysterious chapter exclusive to the Xbox.


The short explanation is that Teh Internets is a specific chapter for Xbox 360 that takes advantage of Title Managed Storage (TMS) through the Xbox LIVE service that allows us to add new chapters whenever we feel like it to the game. Pretty awesome, but the best part is that it is absolutely 100% FREE. In a world where it costs $2 to unlock content in a game that you’ve already purchased it is nice to have the power to totally say “fuck you” to that system and go our own way. As we upload content there are no micro transactions to play new chapters and we can basically do whatever we want with these chapters and it costs you, our adoring fans, nothing. We love you.

Each internets chapter contains 20 levels and can be tailored to allow all characters to play them, or lock in a specific character allowing us to create levels that only certain characters can defeat using their special abilities. When Super Meat Boy launches October 20th on XBLA, one Internets chapter will be up called “Butcher Boy”. In Butcher Boy you control 8Bit Meat Boy as he traverses 20 retro themed levels that take previous mechanics in the game (fans, moving platforms, etc) and expands upon them with entirely new levels that introduce new concepts.


There are no official dates set for each new Internets chapter, but here is the current development list.

1. The Butcher Boy, 8bit themed Meat Boy chapter (uploaded 10.20.2010)
2. The Sewers of Dross, an entire chapter specifically for Gish (Q4 2010)
3. Meat Boy, 8bit themed Meat Boy chapter based around the flash prototype (Q4 2010)
4. Debug World, uses the editor in different ways to make insane levels (Q1 2011)
5: ??? (Q1 2011)

Now, as I’ve said above, this is an Xbox 360 Exclusive feature. Before we all start to bitch and moan about this, know that in order for the game to come out on XBLA, we had to offer something exclusive and this was the best and coolest option for us. Also, quite frankly, Title Managed Storage on Xbox LIVE took all of the difficult parts of getting this system up and running out of my hands. It literally took me a week to implement the Internets Chapter fully, that’s a huge deal for what it is.


Originally we wanted level sharing between platforms. We wanted PC users to be able to play their levels on Xbox, and we wanted the Xbox and Wii versions to have an editor, but this simply wasn’t in the cards. Platform holders have extremely strict rules over user generated content, plus they offer no easy way to do it. In order for us to do something like this we would have to maintain and pay for our own servers. We are a poor two man team, we don't have the money or the time to do this. But, a cool thing about Teh Internets is, we can still sort of make this happen. The PC and Mac versions of the game will have a level editor at some point. My personal goal is to get the Editor out no more than 6 months after the PC version ships. I want it to be good and easy to use. One of the things we are planning on doing is a “Best of User Made Levels” pack for the Internets where Ed and I pick out our favorite user made levels and put them in the Internets.


So yea, that’s the deal. We are super excited about it and we hope you all are as well! Now here’s a little FAQ we put together:

Q: How long will you support the internets?

A: For as long as we get new level ideas and/or people send in levels once the level editor is up.

Q: Is the internets chapter part of the story?

A: No, its a bonus feature that has nothing to do with the story of the game.

Q: Will the internets levels be playable on the pc?

A: Once the level editor is out all user made chapters and bonus levels released there after will be avalible for download free of charge.

Q: Has Microsoft expressed an opinion on you apparently sidestepping their rules/regulations on how to introduce new content?

A: We were worried about this but, no. we slipped through a loop hole of awesome. In the end they actually welcomed it because they want developers to do anything and everything with their service that makes them stand out. No one has ever done anything like this in the history of XBLA as far as we (and our people at MS) know and it’s seriously the most awesome use of it ever.

Q: Why dont the PC, Mac and Wii versions feature the internets chapter?

A: The Internets was part of our "exclusive online content" deal with MS. quite literally, if we didn't have this kind of exclusive content we wouldn't have the deal we have now which means no SMB on XBLA which would make us very sad. Originally this "exclusive online content" was going to be online versus mode, but that turned out to not actually be fun, and felt like we were just tacking on online content because the contract told us to.

In the end we came up with the internets feature because we felt like it fit the game better, keep the game alive and would eventually feature user made content.

Q: What do the PC, Mac and Wii versions get if the Xbla version gets this free content?

A: As mentioned above the PC and Mac versions will both get a full level editor, once we make it user friendly.

We are currently working on the Wii version and seeing what we can do, we tried our best to get Reggie to let us use him as an unlockable character but quickly got turned down.. :(. In the end i think wii users will be very happy with their version, but we cant/shouldn't really talk about it till we are 100% sure what we can offer.

Q: Will the xbox version eventually feature a level editor?

A: No, there are legal issues making it nearly impossible for a two man indie team to release unregulated user made content online without a large active team approving each level. Not only that, but it would require us to purchase and maintain our own private servers, which would have to be up to specs with Microsoft’s rules about server configurations, which…oddly….are expensive…

So that about wraps it up. last thing. The game is done and going through certification now...I cried when I uploaded the build. More on that later!




Character roster update!

Posted by Edmund on September 18th, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!

Yeah so it's confirmed!
Spelunky will be a playable character in Super Meat Boy!

We didn't intend on announcing this one, but someone unlocked him at PAX and the word got around.

I haven't had time to write another design article about exploration and characters so i decided to do a cliff notes version of the abilities of all confirmed characters so far.



Support Characters:
These characters unlocked early in the game will aid the player by giving them more fine tuned controls in different areas making some aspects of the game easier with some experimentation.

Gish (from Gish)
Unlocked with 10 bandages
Ability: Gish can stick to walls and ceilings by pressing and holding A (run).
Downside: Gish auto runs so he has less speed control than other characters, he also is a tad on the slow side.

Gish has the best wall control of any character in the game. His ability to stick fast to any wall or ceiling makes him ideal for pin point wall jumps, avoiding timed hazards and breaking through unstable walls.

CommanderVideo (from Bit.Trip)
Unlocked through a warp zone
Ability: The Commander has the ability to float for a limited time, he can stop his fall in mid air too.
Downside: CommanderVideo is the slowest character in the game.

CommanderVideo has the best in air control of all characters. His ability to float enables the player to stop in mid air and correct their jump and landing. He also has the ability to stop in mid air after falling making him an ideal character for beginners.

Alien Hominid (from Alien Hominid)
Unlocked with 30 bandages
Ability: Alien Hominid can shoot downwards (by pressing A) boosting his vertical jumps and also slowing his fall.
Downside: Alien Hominid is a tad on the slow side and using his ability takes a bit more effort then others.

If timed perfectly Alien Hominid has the highest vertical jump of all characters in the game. his downward shoot ability can boost him higher into the air enabling him to reach some areas other characters cant normally. rapidly shooting can also slow the Aliens fall speed making him ideal for areas where you need to drop down in to hazardous places.

Exploit Characters: Exploit characters are ones you will find a bit later in the game that feature abilities that let the player access areas that were inaccessible early in the game.

Ogmo (from Jumper)
Unlocked through a warp zone
Ability: Ogmo has the ability to double jump.
Downside: Ogmo has average speed, but his wall jumping is quite short and slow if a double jump isnt used while climbing.

Ogmo is the first character you will find with an exploit ability, double jump. Ogmo's double jump will let the player reach areas that all characters before couldn't, enabling them to acquire bandages, warp zones and short cuts that Meat Boy couldn't access earlier in the game. With every upside there's a down side and with Ogmo wall jumping takes a lot more effort and time then any other character.

Tim (from braid)
Unlocked with 50 bandages
Ability: Rewind time 3 seconds.
Downside: Tim is quite average. Tim can not rewind from death.

Tims ability to rewind time is by far the most odd ability of any character on the roster. Rewinding time works similar to how it does in Braid, but the catch is, time only rewinds for Tim and not for anything else. While time is rewinding he becomes invincible, another great exploit that allows for some interesting maneuvers against missiles, demons and other character attracting hazards. Thinking outside the box with tim can make for some very interesting findings, he's also the king of bandage getting.

Flywrench (from flywrench)
Unlocked through a warp zone
Ability: Triple Jump and wall slither.
Downside: Very heavy, Very unruly.

Flywrench is one of the most powerful and one of the last characters you unlock through a warp. His ability to fly for a limited number of flaps (3 jumps) enables him to reach a lot of areas with ease. his second ability the "wall slither" allows Flywrench to stick to a wall and slide up it without jumping outwards, this ability is a bit of a double edged sword though because it makes jumping away from walls a lot more difficult. Flywrench is one of those characters that if you can get used to his very odd controls, wall slither and the fact that he falls like a rock you will be destroying levels no problem.

Spelunky (from Spelunky)
Unlocked with 70 bandages
Ability: Explosive jump.
Downside: Explosive jump.

Spelunky is awesome, pressing jump again in mid air will cause a bomb he's holding to blow up sending him flying in the direction he's facing at neck breaking speed, pressing jump again will cause spelunky to shoot downwards. Once the player has "exploded" there's no going back, you have no control over him till he hits a the wall, the ground or most likely a large saw. That said, his explosive jumps can be perfect for getting into those hard to reach places, speed runs and simply showing off.


So there are 7 of the 15 unlockable characters found in Super Meat Boy, i think we are going to hold off a bit on announcing anymore till the game releases but we should be putting up some videos of them in action in the coming weeks.

there have been questions about who's exclusive to what console, and what other characters will be playable in what version. Now, nothing is set in stone so we cant really announce who will be exclusive to the wii and pc just yet, but i can say that ALL characters found in warp zones will be featured in ALL versions of the game (each one has their own intro cut scene, woo!)

Till next time!




ESRB and more!

Posted by Edmund on September 14th, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!

1st off we have an official rating!


This was a big personal worry of mine. Ratings boards in general are something im very weary of and not particularly fond of at all. The humor and content is SMB is a bit of a challenge to rate, we had projected ratings from E to M and i think we really lucked out when we got the T. So this is good news im very happy with our T and very pleased with the help we got from ESRB. the content sheet we submitted was quite amusing especially when describing brownies cut scenes and something i hope to include on the special edition Pc DVD when we release it in a few months.

Status Update:

Tommy and i are currently in the last week of testing and polish, this has been an especially hellish week for Tommy so i want to push a lot of love his way, what he's doing hasn't ever been attempted by a single programmer before. Even the idea of one man making an engine himself and developing a full scale title for 4 platforms is something just about everyone in the industry would deem impossible. Tommy is a fucking trooper and you should all send him pictures of your boobs and or butts (

(here is tommy at home, working hard)

I'm currently attempting a 100% on the final build of the game, I'm 7 hours in and have about 24 of the hardest levels to go till i hit that 100% mark.. that should give you a good idea of how long this game actually is.

There have been quite a bit of very positive press coming from Pax, here's a great interview Jordan did while he was there.


"Super Meat Boy has the potential to be one of the coolest self-reflexive indie games ever." - (Pax hands on preview)

oh also here is a pic of an avatar award!

ok back to work





Posted by Edmund on September 8th, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!

So ill get the big news out of the way.



Now when we got the nominations from Destructiod and Machinima we were totally floored by it, but never in our wildest dreams did we think there was any way to win seeing as we were going up with Mortal Kombat, Portal 2 and Duke Nukem Forever.

Its a huge honor to win this, it feels very validating and at this point of dev this is something that was very very welcomed.

We want to thank dtiod, the fans and especially thank Danny B and Jordan Fehr. Danny and Jordan held the fort at Pax and really killed it for us, they are amazing talents but all of you will hear that first hand very soon.

There was a rumor going around that people were switching over the game demos at the MS booth to super meat boy. Turns out that this was actually true and confirmed by MS, people at pax were switching off the other Game Feast games to play SMB because the wait to play it was so long. MS reps actually had to delete SMB off all the other demo kiosks to prevent this.... awesome.

So yeah, Pax went very very well.

Here are a few videos from the event.

UPDATE: Warning, this video has spoilers! not only does it show the final character select but it also shows the ch2 boss fight with animated ending.

Note that the locked characters in the char select are only half of the playable characters you find through the game. the other half will be found in warp zones.
Gish can stick to walls by holding X.

1up cam footage of Commandervideo in action

GT cam footage of stuff you might have seen already

and lastly here is an interview.

Ill apologize in advance for the emotional nature, but we "keeps it real".
By far our best interview.

It starts here, but doesnt get good till part 2





Posted by Edmund on September 2nd, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!



Machinima has also nominated Super Meat Boy the best game of pax! what the hell is going on?



Super meat boy has been nominated Game of the Show by Dtiod!
Fucking awesome.



The Good News!

So tomorrow morning Super Meat Boy will have its 1st public showing at Pax! Not only will the 1st 3 chapters be playable at both the Pax10 booth and MS booth but Pax will also be giving out free SMB comics to the 1st 25k people who get into the convention!

The comic we printed for Pax is issue 2.5 and will feature 8 new pages as well as an awesome new cover. This issue will go on sale in our store next week, btw we recently put up dr fetus patches! (check out the store here).

The Bad News.

Tommy and i wont be able to make it to Pax due to totally crazy deadlines. it sucks big time not to be able to see you guys play the game and talk to everyone.. but finishing the game is a little more important, nothing personal.

The Good News.

Danny B and Jordan Fehr (Music & sound fx) will be stepping up and representing at the Pax10 booth! Please go talk with them about their popin tunes and creepy splat sounds! I believe Danny will also be part of a music pannel there, sadly im not sure what its called because im a horrible friend.

Anyway, thanks for all the recent love and attention and if your going to pax stop by and see what all the fuss is all about, you cant truly appreciate SMB till you've gone hands on with it.

I leave you with our oldish, but only current Trailer. More current trailers are comin!

Dtiod also posted teaser info on the mysterious xbla exclusive chapter called "Teh Internets" Check it out.
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