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Draw us NUDE!!! Win a Wacom!

Posted by Tommy on November 3rd, 2011 in Super Meat Boy!

To celebrate the one year anniversary of Super Meat Boy on XBLA and Steam, Edmund is giving away the Wacom drawing tablet he used to make everything in SMB, the art, the cut scenes, the racist drawings he would post to me on Drop Box...ALL OF IT!!!

Here's the catch...and oh...there is a catch my friends. In order to win, you must draw the most bestest drawing of Edmund and I naked. NAKED!!!!!!!

1) Draw Edmund and Tommy naked.
2) Submit your art to the Art Portal on Newgrounds.
3) Tag it with "teammeat"
4) Probably rate it as Adult.
5) Post your link in this thread on the Newgrounds BBS.
6) Weigh down your boners with a folded towel like in a classy massage parlor.

The deadline is November 30th, the one year anniversary of Super Meat Boy on Steam. Make it dirty!









Posted by Edmund on October 23rd, 2011 in Super Meat Boy!

(WOTC make this happen and ill be forever in debt)

So as some of you know, last week marked the one year anniversary of Super Meat Boy launching on Xbla... and what a totally insane year it has been.

Its pretty hard to believe its already been a full year since its release, so much has happened its really hard to recap it all, but we both really want to give a heart felt thank you to every meat boy fan out there who has supported us and the game.
Tommy and i always talked about having a launch party for Super Meat Boy, due to the Pc release and Editor + Super Meat World updates we never were able to take the time to have one.. so what better time then now?

This party will be taking place all of next month and everyone's invited! We will be holding contests, releasing updates, having sales, unavailing secrets, giving away free copies, uploading tons of videos and probably a ton of other random shit that we come up with as the month goes by, but the point is November is Super Meat Month and we want it to be special.

But 1st, an announcement...

Super Meat Boy will get a sale on XBLA next month! (so save your points). We dont have a set date yet, but we have been talking to MS, patched things up and are going to be putting SMB on sale on XBLA next month along with a free update that will add tons of new levels to "Teh Internets". its a new year and we are putting the past behind us and all agreeing to do what is best for SMB and the fans.


This ones simple, send us a pic of you dressed up as something Meat Boy related for halloween (its best to do this via twitter), a few days after halloween we will choose a few top costumes and send the winners free copies of ALL 3 SMB COMICS! (yes even issue 1 that has been out of print for over a year!)


So follow us on twitter and send in those pics!

till next time!




Anniversary, Mugs, and other STUFF

Posted by Tommy on September 11th, 2011 in Super Meat Boy!

Hello everyone!

There is something new in the shop for you wonderful meatboy fans out there. My Mom and Dad thought it would be cool to do some mugs and did a Team Meat mug. It turned out great. The mug features all the characters in the Xbox and PC versions of the game. We have a limited number of them signed and numbered, and plenty unsigned. They are pretty bad ass...the hit your eye with an explosion of color and badassedness.


In other news, the 1 year Super Meat Boy Anniversary is coming up. For those of you who don't have it marked on your calendars, we are celebrating our anniversary the whole month of November. Super Meat Boy came out first on the 360, Oct. 20th, 2010. It then came out on PC / Steam on November 30th, 2010. It's been a hell of a year and we have a lot of stuff planned for the month of November to celebrate. We'll start trickling in some details soon, but trust's some good stuff, and perhaps you non-PC people will finally get what you are constantly bugging us for...




Steam Update / T-Shirts

Posted by Tommy on July 20th, 2011 in Super Meat Boy!


Tommy here, I'm doing a blog post for the first time in like 8 months. That's because I've taken up a new hobby. It's called moving into a place, then moving out like a month later. I wouldn't recommend it. Anyway, here are some updates.

A Steam update just went up that fixed the chapter upload bug. A few fans helped me track this bug since I couldn't duplicate any of the problems people were having. Everyone should thank them for that, but their names escape me now and I can't open Skype to see who they were. They know who they thanks! So, now everyone that couldn't upload a chapter, knock yourself out!

We have T-Shirts that are new or something.



Bandage girl:


Dr. Fetus




As those of you who follow us on twitter know, we have recently added 2 new (and awesome) Super Meat Boy items to our shop.


The 1st is personally one of my favorite items yet, a metal bloody saw blade keychain/charm/zipper pull. Very happy with how it turned out, each Saw comes with a SMB sticker as well. Our stock is getting a bit low on these and once they are gone they wont be reprinted.

Get em while you can!



The 2nd is the long awaited Super Meat Boy Vinyl Figurine! Each figure is signed by us and come with both a meat boy and dr. fetus sticker. The figure stands about 8 inches tall, and is a lot larger then you'd expect, there are only around 100 of these signed figures in stock and like the saws wont be restocked after they are gone.. so i think this is what some might call a collectors item, you should probably buy it!

Buy it here!



Last "new" item is the store is the freshly restocked SMB *signed* ultra edition. you probably know all about this item by now, its awesome.



And finally last on my list, we are happy to announce that the 2nd super meat boy rock band track has launched today on the rock band network! Betus Blues (retro remix) is the 2nd track by the great Danny B to hit the rock band network, its amazing. go get it!

New smb game news next week!




Watch this now!

Posted by Edmund on June 20th, 2011 in Super Meat Boy!

Indie Game: The Movie became fully funded (35k) in the 1st 24 hours of its kickstart release! it pleases me greatly that so many people want to see this movie, it makes tommy and i looking like crazy people on camera worth it :).

You can still donate to preorder the digital and physical editions of the movie for another 30 days though. thanks for the support!

Holy god.. that trailer makes me relive so many horrible memories.. yet is just so awesome.

For those of you who dont know, Tommy and i were both documented by a tiny 2 person team called Blink Works on and off for about a year during the middle-end of development of Super Meat Boy. We met them at GDC the year we lost at the IGF.. they approached us after the loss and told us they were thinking about doing a short documentary about indie games. They had been talking to many indie devs and wanted to do something that could show the world the life of an indie game designer, we agreed and they followed us back to santa cruz. For the next 9+ months of development our lives were peppered with their cameras and almost sickeningly kind and gentle nature (they are Canadian).

It was inspiring to have them around through development, i felt like there were so many parallels to our projects and it was just awesome to have a few new friends to help share in the highs and (very low) lows of the super meat boy journey.

Now i cant tell you much about the whole film because i haven't seen it yet, but i believe it focuses on the development of the games shown in the trailer and possibly another, as you can see, shit gets real many times (most notably our xbla launch).

Blink Works hopes to launch the movie in the fall, and even do a small tour around the US and Canada screening the film.. but to do this they need your help! The Indie Game: The Movie team is asking for a bit of a kick start to help finish up and take the film on tour, so if you appreciate SMB, FEZ, Braid, indie games or games in general, please throw them a few bucks (if you donate $15 you get a digital copy! $35 gets you the physical edition!).

Get all the info on the both editions and more HERE

Anyway, please share this trailer and spread the word.

cant wait to do commentary with Tommy on the special edition! :)
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