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Posted by Edmund on March 31st, 2011 in Super Meat Boy!


Sometimes it takes a while to realize when you are wrong, you get
Used to the way things are in your life and simply lose sight of things.

Peta was right about meat boy, meat is murder!
Everyone told us peta was nothing more then a gathering of
Rambling religious zealots, and we believed them.

Meat boy is not the type of hero we want our kids looking up to.
Even i am willing to admit, we made a mistake and its time to fix it.

A wise man once said "For as long as men massacre animals,
They will kill each other. Indeed, he
Who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love."

Officially, let me introduce you to our new mascot, Potato Boy!
Runing off of pure soulless vegetable fuel!
Leaving no trail of blood, no bodies of innocent animals or
Destroying this beautiful world.

I stand by our new hero, and once you play as him you will too.
Steam's potato boy update is loaded and ready to roll!

Update your steam copy today!
Potato Boy FTW




I just my pants

Posted by Tommy on November 23rd, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!


Along the same logic as our XBLA sale, we are offering Pre-Orders on Steam for 33% off the launch price. YOU'RE WELCOME!


As a result of the preorders, our achievements got leaked which lead to our last two characters being leaked. THEY ARE: Runman from Runman: Race Around the World by Matt Thorson and Tom Sennett and Naija from Aquaria by Alec Holowka and Derek Yu. Here's a nice image of the character roster for the's glorious.



We love our fans, you guys are awesome. Sometimes you annoy the shit out of us by asking questions that you can easily look up online and see the 9000 times we've answered them...but we still love you very much. I'm going to once again answer some questions.

1. The game does not launch with the editor, but it will be free when it does release. We are aiming for January, but we want to launch it with full portal functionality. It is the highest of high priorities as far as we are concerned.

2. The game will be SteamPlay when it does finally come out on the Mac. We do not have a release version for the Mac yet. It is priority, but lower priority than the editor.

3. No PS3 version, stop asking, stop wishing, it's not happening. Sorry.

4. We are still working with Nintendo on our options for the Wii version, we have not forgotten our Wii fans and we are doing everything we can to deliver a version of the game that lives up to our quality standards.

5. The Xbox Live patch is in approval, hopefully it'll be up in a few weeks. Patching isn't as easy as just uploading a new executable...there is approval, certification, testing, etc. Please be patient.

6. Tara Long and I have not set a date yet, but we are registered at Family Christian Stores. As a gift to her, from me, World of Goo ball will be playable in the Steam version via a special Cheat Code. (it was totally planned all along but this is gunna earn me some points).

Good? Good.





The Sewers of Dross is up!

Posted by Edmund on November 21st, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!

Those of you who purchased Super Meat Boy on XBLA will find a totally new full chapter in "teh Internets" called The Sewers of Dross! a Xbla exclusive chapter based around the sticky hero Gish.


The Sewers of Dross is the 1st of many FREE character exclusive chapters set to be released in the next year. Character exclusive basically means you'll be playing a full 20 level chapter based around a specific character and his/her special abilities. This setup allows us to make chapters that no other character could beat except the one in question, a very fun restriction that allows us to make totally fresh levels that almost make the game feel like a whole new platformer.


In order to play the Sewers of Dross you will need to have unlocked "the internets" by collecting 20 Bandages.


The levels in the sewers start easy enough, but get quite hard.. so it should steal away a good few hours for most players.

Those of you who arnt aware, the character Gish comes from an indie game of the same name that i made with Alex Austin in 2004. Gish went on to win the grand prize in the IGF 05 as well as the award for best game design. Those of you who havent played Gish can pick it up on steam .

And for all you Gish fans out there, Bigshottoyworks has turned Gish into a cute velour plush toy! they are quite awesome, i have 2 looking at me while i type this.


You can pick them up for 8 bucks at the bigshottoyworks shop here


Enjoy the Sewers of Dross, we have many more free chapters to come, our current schedule looks something like this.

12.??.2010 - Meat Boy (retro chapter based on the best of the meat boy flash prototype.
12.??.2010 - I Meat Boy (we take the best levels in the game remix them and make them harder!)

Q1 2011 - CommanderVideo Chapter (character exclusive chapter for commandervideo)
Q1 2011 - I wanna be the Kid (20 levels as hard as the kids warp zone, exclusive to the kid)
Q1 2011 - Best of user made p1 (20 of the best user submitted pc levels)

Have fun!




Super Update!

Posted by Edmund on November 10th, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!

A lot has happened in the past few weeks, its hard to keep up and we apologies for not responding to all the comments but hopefully this post gets everyone up to date and informs about the hows and whys of the current SMB situation.

-Danny B and Destructoid raised over $2.5k last weekend for Multiple Sclerosis. Danny donated 100% of all Super Meat Boy soundtrack sales as long as Destructoid could keep playing super meat boy Live nonstop via webcam. The session lasted over 10 hours, the game was beaten and Jonathon Holmes even unlocked the Kid live! it was a sight to be seen.

Dannys soundtrack is still available for only 4 bucks, if you dont own this.. something's wrong with you. Luckily if that something is Multiple Sclerosis Dannys got your back.

-The Xbla Title Update is being submitted to MS for approval this week and should be up by the 21st (we hope). This update will fix all known bugs, erase all 0.0 times from the leaderboards and come with a totally new music track by Danny called Dr. Fetus's Castle.

But the biggest addition to the update will be the 1st new set of 20 internets levels.

This new chapter for the internets called "the Sewers of Dross" will be our first character exclusive chapter. In the sewers of dross you will be using only Gish and his sticky abilities to traverse 20 levels that ramp in difficulty from medium to soul crushing.

Here are a few pics of the chapter.

All additional content will be 100% free.
The Sewers of Dross is one of 3 chapters that will be released this year via the internets, but more on that when the update goes live.

-During Danny's Meat-a-thon as a gift to everyone who donated to help fight MS we unveiled another secret unlockable character to the pc version this character being Captin Viridian from the amazing VVVVVV.


This is the 2nd of 6 pc exclusive playable unlocks in super meat boy. we will probably be announcing another shortly but a few hints on the remaining for are:
"a one of them sticks, one of them dashes, one of them changes form and one of them isn't organic"


Now its time for some awesome Q and A!

Q: Why No Ps3!!!

A: Why wont this question die? We have answered it publicly at least 15 times but it just never ends.

We Cant EVER do a ps3 version of super meat boy because when we were going into negotiations with publishers Sony was the only one who didn't express much interest in the game. We assumed this ment that they didn't want the game and decided to sign with Nintendo and Microsoft. Our contracts excluded any release on Ps3.

We would have loved to do a ps3 version, but its not at all possible what so ever now. so please stop asking about it.

Q: When is the Pc version coming out? can i preorder it? and will it be on sale like on xbla?

A: Our goal is to release the Pc version on Steam by the last week of Nov. Once we set a release date you will be able to preorder it on steam a week early and yes we will do a sale for anyone who preorders the Pc version of the game, we want to be fare to all fans of the game.

Q: Will you be updating the xbla version with Pc characters as DLC?

A: No, never.

Q: When are you guys putting out the level editor for Pc?

A: We hope to release the level editor with some kind of portal enabling players to easily view and rate user made levels sometime in Dec. The initial release will be a bit rough but as time passes we will take in your suggestions and fine tune the editor and level portal into a super smooth piece of awesomeness that will keep the community going for years.

Btw, this will also all be 100% free.

Hope that clears a few things up, We are planning a big update on the pc version in the next week! so stay tuned in. and follow us on twitter if you arnt already, we update it with free game codes, comic contest and loads of secret info we dont post here!

till next time!




Character roster update!

Posted by Edmund on September 18th, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!

Yeah so it's confirmed!
Spelunky will be a playable character in Super Meat Boy!

We didn't intend on announcing this one, but someone unlocked him at PAX and the word got around.

I haven't had time to write another design article about exploration and characters so i decided to do a cliff notes version of the abilities of all confirmed characters so far.



Support Characters:
These characters unlocked early in the game will aid the player by giving them more fine tuned controls in different areas making some aspects of the game easier with some experimentation.

Gish (from Gish)
Unlocked with 10 bandages
Ability: Gish can stick to walls and ceilings by pressing and holding A (run).
Downside: Gish auto runs so he has less speed control than other characters, he also is a tad on the slow side.

Gish has the best wall control of any character in the game. His ability to stick fast to any wall or ceiling makes him ideal for pin point wall jumps, avoiding timed hazards and breaking through unstable walls.

CommanderVideo (from Bit.Trip)
Unlocked through a warp zone
Ability: The Commander has the ability to float for a limited time, he can stop his fall in mid air too.
Downside: CommanderVideo is the slowest character in the game.

CommanderVideo has the best in air control of all characters. His ability to float enables the player to stop in mid air and correct their jump and landing. He also has the ability to stop in mid air after falling making him an ideal character for beginners.

Alien Hominid (from Alien Hominid)
Unlocked with 30 bandages
Ability: Alien Hominid can shoot downwards (by pressing A) boosting his vertical jumps and also slowing his fall.
Downside: Alien Hominid is a tad on the slow side and using his ability takes a bit more effort then others.

If timed perfectly Alien Hominid has the highest vertical jump of all characters in the game. his downward shoot ability can boost him higher into the air enabling him to reach some areas other characters cant normally. rapidly shooting can also slow the Aliens fall speed making him ideal for areas where you need to drop down in to hazardous places.

Exploit Characters: Exploit characters are ones you will find a bit later in the game that feature abilities that let the player access areas that were inaccessible early in the game.

Ogmo (from Jumper)
Unlocked through a warp zone
Ability: Ogmo has the ability to double jump.
Downside: Ogmo has average speed, but his wall jumping is quite short and slow if a double jump isnt used while climbing.

Ogmo is the first character you will find with an exploit ability, double jump. Ogmo's double jump will let the player reach areas that all characters before couldn't, enabling them to acquire bandages, warp zones and short cuts that Meat Boy couldn't access earlier in the game. With every upside there's a down side and with Ogmo wall jumping takes a lot more effort and time then any other character.

Tim (from braid)
Unlocked with 50 bandages
Ability: Rewind time 3 seconds.
Downside: Tim is quite average. Tim can not rewind from death.

Tims ability to rewind time is by far the most odd ability of any character on the roster. Rewinding time works similar to how it does in Braid, but the catch is, time only rewinds for Tim and not for anything else. While time is rewinding he becomes invincible, another great exploit that allows for some interesting maneuvers against missiles, demons and other character attracting hazards. Thinking outside the box with tim can make for some very interesting findings, he's also the king of bandage getting.

Flywrench (from flywrench)
Unlocked through a warp zone
Ability: Triple Jump and wall slither.
Downside: Very heavy, Very unruly.

Flywrench is one of the most powerful and one of the last characters you unlock through a warp. His ability to fly for a limited number of flaps (3 jumps) enables him to reach a lot of areas with ease. his second ability the "wall slither" allows Flywrench to stick to a wall and slide up it without jumping outwards, this ability is a bit of a double edged sword though because it makes jumping away from walls a lot more difficult. Flywrench is one of those characters that if you can get used to his very odd controls, wall slither and the fact that he falls like a rock you will be destroying levels no problem.

Spelunky (from Spelunky)
Unlocked with 70 bandages
Ability: Explosive jump.
Downside: Explosive jump.

Spelunky is awesome, pressing jump again in mid air will cause a bomb he's holding to blow up sending him flying in the direction he's facing at neck breaking speed, pressing jump again will cause spelunky to shoot downwards. Once the player has "exploded" there's no going back, you have no control over him till he hits a the wall, the ground or most likely a large saw. That said, his explosive jumps can be perfect for getting into those hard to reach places, speed runs and simply showing off.


So there are 7 of the 15 unlockable characters found in Super Meat Boy, i think we are going to hold off a bit on announcing anymore till the game releases but we should be putting up some videos of them in action in the coming weeks.

there have been questions about who's exclusive to what console, and what other characters will be playable in what version. Now, nothing is set in stone so we cant really announce who will be exclusive to the wii and pc just yet, but i can say that ALL characters found in warp zones will be featured in ALL versions of the game (each one has their own intro cut scene, woo!)

Till next time!





Posted by Edmund on April 1st, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!


Yup, Ogmo from Matt Thorson's Jumper is a playable character in Super Meat Boy!
The classic game maker hero will double jump his way into your hearts on all consoles later this year.

Heres a few shots of his warp zone and character select screen.




This isnt an April fools joke... honestly.





Posted by Edmund on March 30th, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!

Ok this isn't the new character announcement (gotta wait a few days for that), most of you already know that Gish (from Gish) was going to be in Super Meat Boy from the start, but to celebrate his appearance as well as his 6 year anniversary and i came together to bring you. GISH PLUSHES!


Bigshottoyworks.comGO BUY ONE![/url]

and those of you unfamiliar with Gish can check out the game on Steam HERE.
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