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You've got Headcrabs!

Posted by Tommy on November 16th, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!

It was accidentally leaked early today, so we decided to jump in and announce it officially.

The Headcrab will be a playable character in Super Meat Boy, exclusive to Steam.


We asked Valve about this almost half joking and they were totally down. (We LOVE lot. MS is the hot chick you hook up with, Steam is the girl you spend your life with). The Headcrab will replace Gish as the 1st unlockable bandage character. Much like Gish, he will stick to walls but also have more horizontal jumping power as a head crab should.

Those of you wondering, the Steam version of Super Meat Boy's official release date is Nov. 30th (as you can see from the countdown above) and be priced at $15... BUT!

As a gift to fans we will be taking preorders on Steam starting the 23rd at 33% off ($10). So much like our XBLA release SMB fans will get a early buy discount.

Some of you (trolls) may be thinking "HAY HEADCRAB ISNT INDIE, FUCK YOU SELLOUT ASSHOLES" Well....I dare you to turn down a Headcrab. They are adorable.

For those of you without Steam, we have a special character for you. All non-Steam (PC and Mac only) versions of Super Meat Boy will feature....

A Goo Ball from World of Goo!


The Goo ball will be basically identical to Gish, accept obviously cuter.

That leaves 2 more unknown characters left.. who could they be? First person to guess 'Splosion Man gets punched in the face.

Stay tuned!
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