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Holy Shit this is awesome

Posted by Tommy on April 10th, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!

So, I recently left Santa Cruz after a month and a half of working, stressing out about the IGF, and eating Safeway Sandwiches. It was lots of fun, but its good to be home. On my last day in Santa Cruz, Ed and I decided to do a Show and Tell at Kyle Gabler's (World of Goo) super awesome rooftop paradise house in San Jose with Derek Yu (Spelunky). Before we left Santa Cruz to drive up to San Jose, we got an unexpected package in the mail. Turns out, its the most awesome thing we've ever received.

About a month before we got this package, we had a request on Facebook to send some comics and stickers over seas to someone stationed over in Iraq. I believe we sent two comics and a few stickers over just because he's over there risking his life and its awesome that he was a fan of Super Meat Boy. This someone turned out to be CPL Tyler Ritchey who in turn sent us a package. Inside the package was a framed certificate, a letter, and an American Flag. The text on the certificate reads:

This is to certify that the accompanying flag was flown over Iraq on 13 March 2010 during a Special Operations Combat Mission in direct support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

This Flag is presented to: Team Meat

As a symbol of the commitment of the United States of America to the Global War on Terrorism and to protecting those freedoms and liberties embodied in the Constitution of the United States.

The Certificate:

Edmund, Derek Yu, Kyle Gabler, and I holding the flag:

Basically, CPL Tyler Ritchey sent us something that both Ed and I are totally unworthy of. It's probably the most awesome gift we'll ever receive from a fan. This is an amazing gift and it touched both of us in a very profound way. It made my mom cry...which admittedly isn't hard to do...but still, its a very touching and awesome gift from an equally awesome fan.

In Tyler's letter, he had a few questions that I'm going to answer:

Super Meat Boy will be coming out not only for WiiWare, but for XBLA and PC. XBLA will come out first, with PC and WiiWare coming out about a month later. However, you will not need to worry about buying it, because you'll be getting a free copy from us on whichever system you want. We're not sure how it'll get to you, but you will get one.

Pretty bad ass, thank you very much Tyler! Be safe and come home soon! I do have to say, we've been getting all sorts of Fan Art and stuff lately, and I really feel we have the best fans ever. I also guarantee that when Super Meat Boy comes out, it will be beyond the expectations any of you have and you will absolutely love it. Also, thank you to the almost 700 people that bought Super Meat Boy Handheld on the AppStore. As any of you (who are true fans) know, that game was a joke, but it was also Team Meat's way of putting a Donate button on our site. Donations are cool, but we wanted to at least give something back for a donation, and I hope those of you that bought it enjoyed the joke:) All of you are awesome, your support is great, and we will pay you back with the best video game EVAR!

Anyways, back to work. The next few months are busy busy busy busy.
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