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The Miracle of Childbirth! CATURDAY STYLE!

Posted by Edmund on January 11th, 2014 in Mew-Genics


Well looky that, the 1st ever in game footage of mewgenics! well kinda.

Its been almost a year since we last worked on the foundation of mewgenics, cat breeding. now there is a lot to be said about the core aspect of this game.. but lets analyze the gif a bit first.

in the gif we see a very pregnant female cat giving birth to her first litter, the father watches with (very creepy) excitement as his children pop out of their mother. from this gif we can also see a bit of the fathers personality (his name was Manchester btw), he seems quite the horn dog and, since the mother (Dr. Butts) got pregnant after the 1st hump, there is a good chance hes quite a potent lover at that.

now lets look at the kittens. they are currently in "kitten form" (and change a bit when they "evolve" or grow up) but already we can see the genes from both parents are clearly at work here. the 1st kitten (Fanky II) seems to have his fathers head shape, body and tail, but its mothers body markings. it also seems like Fanky appears to be more of a pure bred texture wise than his mother, having her body markings on his head, torso, tail and ears... this is also considered pretty beautiful by cat pageant standards...obvi.

the rest is unknown in the gif, we dont know how the kitten will act, what it will look like when he grows up. his head, eyes and tail will changed when he hits puberty, his nose might appear and his voice may change... will he be a horn dog like his dad? or will his fathers creepy actions turn him off to sex completely! you never know.. only time will tell.

(spoiler, the kitten grows up and kills his father)

till next time!

PS: thanks to the tons of people who sent in their cat disease pics, they were quite awesome and some of you even predicted the future by drawing in diseases that actually exist in the game! i went through and RTed the best of them via my twitter! good work!
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