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New Chapters added!

Posted by Edmund on February 21st, 2011 in Super Meat Boy!

So as of about 5pm PST today 2 totally new chapters have been uploaded to the XBLA version of SMB and you can play them now... FREE OF CHARGE!

Expert Remix and Cramps (nova) have both been uploaded to "The Internets" an Xbla exclusive chapter that acts as a hub for us to upload new level content accessible by users without the whole messy aspect of spending money...

The full list of Internets Chapters is:

Expert Remix (by Team Meat)
Character: Meat Boy
Difficulty: Very Hard
Levels: 20

This level pack remixes and raises the difficulty of the top 20 best levels in the game (picked by the fans and myself)
Full list of levels remixed can be found in the forums Here.





Cramps (by NovaSilisko)
Character: Meat Boy
Difficulty: Medium
Levels: 20

Our 1st user made chapter upload. a very well designed chapter that should be easy enough for those of you just starting out but still quite enjoyable for the masochists out there.




Sewers of Dross (by Team Meat)
Character: Gish
Difficulty: Hard
Levels: 20

A character exclusive chapter that explores Gish and his specific sticky abilities.

The Butcher Boy (by Team Meat)
Character: 8bit Meat Boy
Difficulty: Medium
Levels: 20

An 8bit retro chapter that explores many mechanics that weren't used in the main story mode.

This 2 chapter addition will push our extra content packs to 80 levels, officially raising the total level count to just over 430 levels!

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the 100s of new levels planned for release via "The Internets". We have over 5 new chapters planned for this year that will feature level design by many different and well known developers, character exclusive chapters and loads of new awesome user made content.

Enjoy the new levels!



Q: How do i access "the Internets"?
A: "The Internets" is a chapter that is unlocked by collecting 15 bandages or completing 40 levels in the main game. its the chapter pad to the left of the forest on the mini map.


Q: Do i have to be online to access this new content?
A: Yes.

Q: Will Pc users get this content?
A: Yes, once the level portal and editor are finished and released we will upload both new chapters to the Pc level portal.

Q: When is the Pc editor and Portal coming out!?
A: When its done, its getting close though.

Q: How can i submit my custom chapter for you to upload to xbla?
A: Email us via our contact form and we will check it out, it also helps to post about your chapter in our forum.
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