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Posted by Edmund on September 2nd, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!



Machinima has also nominated Super Meat Boy the best game of pax! what the hell is going on?



Super meat boy has been nominated Game of the Show by Dtiod!
Fucking awesome.



The Good News!

So tomorrow morning Super Meat Boy will have its 1st public showing at Pax! Not only will the 1st 3 chapters be playable at both the Pax10 booth and MS booth but Pax will also be giving out free SMB comics to the 1st 25k people who get into the convention!

The comic we printed for Pax is issue 2.5 and will feature 8 new pages as well as an awesome new cover. This issue will go on sale in our store next week, btw we recently put up dr fetus patches! (check out the store here).

The Bad News.

Tommy and i wont be able to make it to Pax due to totally crazy deadlines. it sucks big time not to be able to see you guys play the game and talk to everyone.. but finishing the game is a little more important, nothing personal.

The Good News.

Danny B and Jordan Fehr (Music & sound fx) will be stepping up and representing at the Pax10 booth! Please go talk with them about their popin tunes and creepy splat sounds! I believe Danny will also be part of a music pannel there, sadly im not sure what its called because im a horrible friend.

Anyway, thanks for all the recent love and attention and if your going to pax stop by and see what all the fuss is all about, you cant truly appreciate SMB till you've gone hands on with it.

I leave you with our oldish, but only current Trailer. More current trailers are comin!

Dtiod also posted teaser info on the mysterious xbla exclusive chapter called "Teh Internets" Check it out.





Posted by Edmund on July 15th, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!


Thats right, Your meaty hero is a Pax10 winner!
What this means is we will be showing a final build publicly at Pax this Sept. where we will also be giving out stickers and comics to those of you who come by and play with our meat.

Oh also heres the cover of the issue we will be printing for Pax.


I also uploaded a break down of the drawing proses on newgrounds for those of you who are into that kinda thing.

ok back to work!
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