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Peace, Love and Save bugs

Posted by Edmund on October 22nd, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!

Well holy shit.. we are 2 days in and christ, you guys are diehards!

Tommy and i are so extremely grateful for your on going support, we have gotten some emails that were so amazing you had us in tears (of joy). Your fan mail, fan art and ongoing praise are very appreciated and very needed at this stage of the game. Its hard to explain but im sure most creative people out there can relate, releasing something you've poured your life into for almost 2 years is honestly extremely hard and takes a big tole on your emotions. Its a roller coaster of extreme highs and devastating lows, but the end is in sight and we can atleast go through this knowing that...

Super Meat Boy is a Success! Sales are high, Reviews are mind blowing and your out pour of love for the game is flooding the interwebs!


Now that i got the mushy stuff out of the way, its time to talk shop.

As many of you have seen/read Super Meat Boy has a few bugs, the only major bug is of course the save bug, a bug that stops game saving till your game is restarted. We realize how extremely annoying this bug is, and trust me when i say we are all in the same boat here when it comes to how heart broken we were when this poped up.

Luckily this bug is rare, and can be avoided by simply exiting the game and coming back. So PLEASE, if youre doing some crazy hard levels, just do us a favor and pop in and out of the game from time to time so we can all sleep a bit easier at night :) Deal?

UPDATE: We believe the save bug is caused by replaying the level by pressing Y too quickly on the replay screen. To avoid the bug wait for the replay to finish or exit back to the map.

Well incase you happened to not agree to this "Deal" i will say this.

We are currently working on a title update that should be finished in the next few days, and hopefully will go up as soon as possible. This title update will fix all minor bugs as well as the save bug. on top of that it will include a "lost music track" that's quit amazing.. but more on the music later.

To sweeten the deal, and also to attempt to make up for the minor annoyances I personally am working on an unannounced internets chapter to be released with the title update. this exclusive chapter called "I Meat Boy" will feature 20 amazingly challenging levels that will keep your attention for some time, but for those of you who are weak of heart we will also be releasing.

- The Sewers of Dross (med dificulty) a 20 level chapter where you play as Gish.
- Meat Boy Remix (med-hard) another 20 level chapter that remixes old favorites from the flash protype.

all 3 chapters should be out before the end of the year, knocking the level total up to 400!


In other news....

-Super Meat Boy was featured in the Wall Street Journal. WTF?!

-There will be 3 SMB tracks via DLC playable in ROCK BAND 3! (jan)

-We are giving away comics to peoepl who have meat boy parties this weekend and post pictures via twitter!

-Meaty Commentary #2 went up on, its over 20 min. of nonsense! we also show warp zones, bosses and more.

-Area5 released an in depth behind the scenes look at the making of the SMB launch trailer.

-SMB tshirts have been fully restocked! they are the same shirts you unlock for your avatars on xbla.. accept real. BUY ONE NOW! (update now sold out of XL's)

-SMB plushes and stickers are now in stock in the store.

-Someone found something... from the future?

-Mr.Mincraft will be an unlockable character in the PC version of SMB!


what the press is saying...

"charming and hilarious" 9/10 Gold Award -Game Informer

"Super Meat Boy is a strong contender for the best platformer this generation." 9.5/10 -Gamer Limit

" truly outstanding... you won't be able to tear yourself away" 9.5/10 -Gamespot

"Our Highest rated xbox live game of all time" 9.5/10 -xbla260

"it’s definitely one of the best games in the XBLA library!" 9.5 Gold award -GDN

"Super Meat Boy really is the Super Mario Brothers of this generation of consoles." 10/10 -Ripten

"it's a game that just continues to surprise and entertain" 5/5 -digital spy

" It's the best game on the Xbox Live Arcade so far and has the best longevity." 99% -GamersNexus

"Super Meat Boy is the 2nd best-reviewed Xbox Live Arcade game of all-time behind Braid." -MetaCritic

Seems like im making this shit up... so sureal.
We got a 9/10 in a magazine i used to sell people for a living 6 years ago.
I love you all.

Especially Giant bomb!





IGTM, Reviews, Contests AND LAUNCH

Posted by Tommy on October 17th, 2010 in Super Meat Boy!


So Indie Game the Movie made a little short of me. I have pointed teeth and look like a monster, but I'm declaring this the new look for the 2010's. It's awesome. I talk about the controls in SMB.

Reviews are rolling in...they are overwhelmingly positive. It's pretty nuts. There's a real sense of accomplishment as it seems that the game that Edmund and I have created has been fully realized.

Here's one video review that made me and Edmund tear up. Here's a neat quote from it:

"This could be the Mario for this generation".

Pretty amazing. 3 days and the game launches I hope you're all excited as I am...I'm about half cocked right now.

Also...if you want a free copy of the game. Follow us on twitter, we are giving away free copies of the game every day until launch cuz we love our fans (MOST OF THEM).
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